The Oil Business


Living in joy is our highest priority, and its our highest desire for you, too.

We are shaping the future in a global healthcare revolution. With dōTERRA's newest announcement of reinventing modern healthcare with integrative medicine through the establishment of 140 dōTERRA medical clinics nationwide. You and I have a prime spot in this exciting movement! We play an essential role as caveats of health and healing of body, mind and spirit through self empowerment.

Join us as we bring hope and healing to every family in every community across the globe.



When you join Team Ford, you can expect:

  • Leadership built on trusted relationship, integrity and a service-over-sales vibe. We lead, teach and share from the heart, and we want you to do the same.
  • A proven blueprint: We put together a personalized success strategy program to help you meet your goals. We will be with you to help guide you along the way. We personally coach you on mind blocks to help you get passed anything that holds you back. You're success is our success. We want you to be successful, that is our goal! 
  • Connection to the team. You'll receive at least three levels of engaged, seasoned upline support, private mentoring and accountability check-ins (if desired).
  • Weekly team chats through video conference with us and other leaders.
  • A proven success training system, paced by you and discussion lead by a lovely mentor to offer wisdom and accountability at your request.
  • Personal development coaching by Rhonda and Scott by request.
  • Access to team tools with all types of resources that you will love!



  1. Choose a Kit and Begin Your Journey:
    - You can join Team Ford with any Starter Kit, but we highly recommend one of three kits that are directed more toward the Oil Business. We feel that you'll be most confident sharing and teaching classes when you experience the health transformation that the Natural Solutions Kit, Every Oil Kit, or the Diamond Kit will provide.

  2. Set up your monthly, personal order for 100 PV (known as the Loyalty Rewards Program)
    - The one and only requirement you'll ever have to receive a paycheck is this monthly order. dōTERRA sees this as a way for you to receive education through using the products, and it shows you're committed to the holistic, high vibe life we must live to attract others to our mission.

  3. If you've finished #1 and #2, fill out the form below to begin your training. We will send you a welcome email and set up a time to hold a Business Orientation video chat with us! If you'd like to hear more or have us answer some questions, feel free to fill out the form and let us know how we can help


  • Go to
  • Click "Become a Member" (top of page) 
  • Select "Wholesale Customer" & fill out the two questions, then click "Continue"
  • Fill out the rest of your information in the About You section
  • Choose your Reduced Price Kit OR choose $35 Wholesale Membership Fee & any products you wish
  • Then Checkout